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Excel News » Consistent Yields Achieved at Narrabri NSW

Edgeroi farmers Philip and James O'Regan

Edgeroi farmers Philip and James O'Regan recently replaced their conventional tine planter with a new, state-of-the-art Excel Stubble Warrior, which has already saved time, labour and fuel, and will increase this season's yield.

Philip and James share a partnership in the property Koyuga, about 11 kilometres east of Edgeroi. They used their new high-tech Excel planter to sow almost 3000 acres this season and have been impressed with the results.

The brothers chose an Excel planter for several reasons, particularly its parallelogram, moisture seeking and coulter applications. Parallelograms ensure accurate seed depth placement and can be adjusted to plant seeds at various depths.

“We went for the parallelograms because we've got so many contour banks and undulating country, and… when you go over a contour bank, every single one follows the contour individually,” James said. “That's how you get consistent depth, which will ultimately increase your yield average over the whole paddock because, in theory, they'll all be at the same depth and at the same stage.”

Parallelogram planters also have trash-handling features that enable them to plant zero till. This has cut costs and given the O'Regans flexibility to plant in any paddock.

The Excel Stubble Warrior also possesses moisture seeking capabilities, allowing it to plant deeply in narrow, moisture-rich channels. This prevents moisture from escaping and allows farmers to plant on time. “We wouldn't have been able to plant as early or as late this year if we didn't have this machine because the moisture wasn't in the right spot at the right time,” James said.

The O'Regans had wanted to purchase a Stubble Warrior for a few years and are pleased they finally did. They chose Excel because they knew the business manufactured high quality products.

They are not only happy with the planter itself, but also with the support Excel provides. Excel staff assembled the planter on Koyuga and made certain that it worked before leaving the property. They have also been quick to answer queries and to send technicians to fix any problems.

Philip and James love that the planter is easy to maintain, and highly recommend it other farmers seeking efficiency and strong, consistent yields.

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Excel Stubble Warrior in action at Narrabri

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