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Excel News » Excel Agriculture: Stubble Warrior

Excel Agriculture's 8 Metre Stubble Warrior

Pictured above: 8 Metre Stubble Warrior planting wheat into
2 metre beds at Goondiwindi (230mm row spacings)

Excel Agriculture's latest innovation is the Stubble Warrior - Row Planter designed for direct sowing winter crops into irrigation hills.

The narrow row option can be configured to plant 6 or 8 rows into two metre beds or 4 rows into one metre beds at 200mm to 250mm row spacings.

This can be achieved over two bars on 3 point linkage without compromising the stubble warriors excellent trash handling capabilities. Coupled with a Simplicity air seeder the results have been outstanding with even germinations and very good strikes.

Excel's Stubble Warrior features:

  • Compact disc opener designed for narrow row spacings - ideal for planting into irrigation beds
  • Built around the standard robust, low maintenance parallelogram - no greasing of pivots
  • Optional kit for conventional and cold flow gassing applications

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