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Excel News » Duaringa Shire - Only Winter Crop

The Stubble Warrior was released four years ago and is a parallelogram planter that can be configured for tine, disc or both to provide optimum flexibility for varying seasonal conditions.

Excel Agriculture sales manager, Brian Moran, said the Stubble Warrior featured independent seed depth, independent press wheels for varying pressure according to crop type, and stainless steel with few greasing points to minimise down time.

"The durability and constant germination you get out of your seed is just phenomenal - so many farmers come back to us and say they'd planted too thick because every seed came up using the Stubble Warrior," he said.

And as the saying goes, the proof has very much been in the pudding.

Central Queensland farmer, Chris Bruce, operates a Stubble Warrior with 650lb tined configuration on parallelogram and harvested one of his shire's best wheat crops last year.

The season was far from smooth sailing with just 76 points of pre-plant rain and no in-crop rain at all.

Mr Bruce manages "Deepwater", west of Moura, for Meandarra-based owners Brett and Carol Wilson, and said he harvested five bags per hectare of wheat and 10 bags/ha of chick peas last season.

"They're not great results, but a lot of people got absolutely nothing," he said.

"You can owe what we got to the Stubble Warrior's ability to plant deep into soil moisture."

Mr Moran said he often heard stories of farmers picking up one third of a tonne per hectare in sorghum thanks to the Stubble Warrior's SP-200 double disc opener.

Excel Agriculture's Toowoomba site is set on two and a half hectares, has an 80-staff workshop and works to minimise costs by selling products direct to its customers, which are based mostly in Queensland and NSW.

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