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Belt Spreader

Gyral Implements manufacure and sell a range of broadacre Belt Spreaders capable of spreading a range of products from granular fertiliser, manure, to lime.

A rubber conveyor belt delivers the product to the rear of the machine where it is distributed by dual spinner discs. A range of spreader implement capacities are available to order and purchase to suit your needs.

The Belt

A highly durable, rubber conveyor belt (800mm wide) is supported by full width steel rollers fitted with stainless steel shafts and Austlon bushes.

Hydraulic drive for the belt is standard with the speed adjusted through the flow control valve. Alternatively a hydraulically engaged Vee Belt ground drive with reduction chains and sprockets can be fitted.

How it Spreads

The dual spinner discs are driven by dual hydraulic motors. There are 4 stainless steel flights, on each spinner, that are fully adjustable. An electric speed sensor is fitted to provide accurate measurement.

Spreading width can be up to 36 metres but will depend on the product being used. The spreader’s rear door is hydraulically operated and uses a manual pre-set (with a visual guage) for easy calibration.

Gyral Belt Spreaders › (1.5 MB PDF)

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