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First 24m Forward Fold 5-Section Excel “Stubble Warrior”

First 24m Forward Fold 5-Section Excel “Stubble Warrior”

Excel Agriculture continues to demonstrate Planter Frame design innovatation with the first unit of the 24 meter (80 feet) Forward Fold, 5-section version of the renown “Stubble Warrior”… Read more ›

7 metre 2 point linkage (semi mounted) machine

7 metre 2 point linkage (semi mounted) machine

7 metre 2 point linkage (semi mounted) machine, fitted with 39 x Excel EI853 Single Disc row units set at 7 inch spacing. This planter is also fitted with a PM2 3000 litre Simplicity air seeder… Read more ›

Excel ‘Stubble Warrior’ heading into NSW

Excel ‘Stubble Warrior’ heading into NSW

All loaded is an Excel ‘Stubble Warrior’ heading into NSW to its new home ready for the next planting… Read more ›

Direct seeding rice

More information about direct seeding of rice using Excel Single Disc seeders is featured on the ABC’s Landline program ›

Wimmera Farmer Converts to Zero-Till

Wimmera Farmer Converts to Zero-Till

Having spent a number of years practicing minimum tillage on his Glenorchy farm in the southern Wimmera, this year saw local identity Stewart Macpherson upgrade his equipment to a single disc planter. After researching various options he settled on converting his existing airseeder using Excel single disc units… Read more ›

Attention Rice Farmers - Beat the Ducks!

Attention Rice Farmers - Beat the Ducks!

Direct seeding of rice has been shown to decrease the damage done by ducks and other birds on young crops. Without the standing water ducks are less likely to land on the crop in the critical early emergence period. The seed is also protected by the soil so even if the birds do land and have a chew at the emerging seedlings they do not… Read more ›

Older articles

Consistent Yields Achieved at Narrabri

Consistent Yields Achieved at Narrabri

Edgeroi farmers Philip and James O'Regan recently replaced their conventional tine planter with a new, state-of-the-art Excel Stubble Warrior, which has already saved time, labour and fuel, and will increase this season's yield.

Philip and James share a partnership in the property Koyuga, about 11 kilometres east of Edgeroi. They used their new high-tech Excel planter to sow almost 3000 acres this season and have been impressed with the results. Read more ›

Excel Single Disc Planter - Top of the List

Bruce Hunt from Bordertown South Australia, comments on their initial requirements for a new seeding system and the results achieved by their final choice… Read more ›

Stubble Warrior excels in precision farming operation

Liverpool Plains conservation farmer Trevor Pengilley is boosting profitability and yields by using an Excel Agriculture Stubble Warrior SP-200 double disc planter.

Trevor and wife Jeanne winter crop wheat and barley and summer crop sorghum and sunflowers at Blackville near Quirindi on the southern edge of the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales. They progressively moved into zero till farming from 1993 to control erosion, conserve moisture, improve soil structure, reduce costs and increase yields. Read more ›

Duaringa Shire - Only Winter Crop

Central Queensland farmer, Chris Bruce, operates a Stubble Warrior with 650lb tined configuration on parallelogram and harvested one of his shire's best wheat crops last year. The season was far from smooth sailing with just 76 points of pre-plant rain and no in-crop rain at all.

Mr Bruce manages “Deepwater”, west of Moura, for Meandarra-based owners Brett and Carol Wilson, and said he harvested five bags per hectare of wheat and 10 bags/ha of chick peas last season. Read more ›

Incitec leading the way

With the widespread adoption of conservation farming techniques fertiliser application has become another challenge to overcome with stubble management and moisture retention high on the agenda. Read more ›

Excel Stubble Warrior

Excel Agriculture's latest innovation is the Stubble Warrior - Row Planter designed for direct sowing winter crops into irrigation hills. The narrow row option can be configured to plant 6 or 8 rows into two metre beds or 4 rows into one metre beds at 200mm to 250mm row spacings. Read more ›

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