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With the widespread adoption of conservation farming techniques such as zero/minimum till and controlled traffic, modern farmers are finding themselves faced with both emerging challenges and opportunities in the broadacre farming industry.

Improved soil structure, reduced water run off, better soil moisture retention are all by-products of the adoption of these conservation farming techniques and are the driving factors behind growth in profitability and sustainability for the industry.

The advantages in the adoption of conservation farming techniques do not come without challenges, particularly in the area of the specialised machinery required. The high level of stubble retained from previous crops provides many benefits to the soil, but makes the task of planting the next crop into it a real challenge.

Disc Planter or Tine Planter?
Within the field of planting machinery, the broad distinction can be made between tine planters and disc planters. Many farmers can be heard to swear by tyne (or tine) planters, as do an equal number sing the praises of disc planters. Manufacturers, naturally, are convinced that the particular type of planing machine that they make is the solution to all situations.

With this in mind, the Stubble Warrior has been conceived as a modular planting system that can be configured with disc openers or tines, or both, to suit the changing needs and conditions associated with the adoption of modern conservation farming techniques.

Interchangeable tooling options
The range of interchangeable tooling options is extensive and caters particularly for the need to change between a disc opener and tine opener depending on the given conditions.

The Stubble Warrior planting system ensures that a farmer is not locked into, or out of either disc or tyne planting.

  • Trailing frames are available in 1-4 bar models with a large variety of options including: 90° - 105° Hydraulic fold (depending on requirements), contour following pivots for working over contour banks.
  • Linkage machines are available in 1 bar models with a number of folding, contour following, and end tow options available.
  • Linkage Lift assist machines are available in 2-3 bar models with either trailing lift assist only, or of the heavy duty Quad-Lift style.

Excel Agriculture also recognises the need to satisfy the individual needs of the customer and are able to custom build solutions for even the most unusual requirements.

In addition to the manufacture and supply of the Stubble Warrior, Excel Agriculture is also an OEM dealer for Simplicity Australia, which allows us to provide the complete solution from planter to air seeder, setup ready to begin planting ‘right out of the box.’

Both of our Australian made row units are mounted to our Parallelogram mount to allow maximum ground following capabilities with minimum effect

Excel Row Units

Stubble Warrior Brochure
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