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Benefits of the Excel Agriculture’s Guess Row Averager

The Excel Guess Row Averager is unrivalled in the field of combination bars and their versatility, offering a massive 8 different possible usages including:

  • Fallow Cultivating
  • Inter-row Cultivating
  • Furrowing up
  • Fertilizer Application & Incorporation
  • Gassing
  • Hill busting
  • Retention of GPS - Constructed Hills and…
  • Guess Row Averaging.

The locally manufactured heavy duty Excel Agriculture Guess Row Averager is designed primarily for the averaging of wide - narrow guess row patterns in permanent beds. However, the versatility of the machine has seen it become an important part of over 260 Cotton growers practices making it an almost indispensable tool.

User-friendly electric over hydraulic circuit for guidance system giving reliability and accuracy while saving you in chemical costs and chipping costs.

The patented in-line shear releases & clean sweep assemblies provide a quick change machine that is very easy to setup and achieve excellent in-field results.

Minimized Downtime:

  • Heavy Duty construction incorporating grade 8 bolts & high tensile steel.
  • Heavy Duty depth gauge wheels.
  • Heavy Duty double fold marker arms.

U-Bolted construction for ease of tooling relocation, enhancing the versatility of the machine.

Machine Configuration:

Front Bar:

  • Universal 3x I Shank
  • Universal Clamp
  • Clean Sweep Assembly

Middle Bar:

  • Universal Clamp
  • 3xl Shank
  • Friction Trip
  • 12" Sweep

Rear Bar:

  • Fertilizer Rig Type
  • 3xl Shank
  • Friction Trip
  • No. 15 Furrower

Flexible and versatile row crop machine:

  • 8 row and 12 row configuration available
  • Optional GPS can be fitted to back bar
  • Optional Folding Toolbar
  • Patented in-line shear releases and Clean Sweep Assembly’s provide you with a (quick change) machine that is very easy to set up and achieve excellent in-field results.

The locally manufactured Excel Guess Row Averager is available for purchase in either 8 row or 12 row configurations.

All Excel Products have 12 months warranty, backed up by our superior on-farm service.

Contact us at Excel to discuss your Guess Row Averager requirements.

Excel Agriculture

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