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Excel Agriculture Fertiliser and Gas Rig Benefits

Excel Agriculture Fertiliser and Gas Rigs are designed and manufactured with massive under-bar clearance for unrivalled trash flow and fitted with heavy duty shanks mounted on Excel’s patented in-line shear clamps.

  • Machines fitted with walkways for ease when filling fertiliser boxes and hose carriers to carry gas lines.
  • 2 - 3 tonne fertiliser boxes fitted with polyurethane metering rollers and stainless steel metering units for extended life.
  • Fertiliser boxes fitted with simple trap doors for easy clean out and painted in 2-pak paint for added corrosion resistance.
  • Fertiliser boxes are driven by a heavy duty variable speed ground drive gearbox, with an optional hydraulic drive available.
  • Various tooling available for conventional and cold flow gas applications.
  • 8 row and 12 row configurations available.

Take a look at the market leader…

  • Brilliant new shank design offering exceptional trash flow and ease of operation
  • Adaptable to a variety of applications
  • Optimum weight distribution for easy lifting
  • Superb easy flow, easy clean, stainless steel metering units

“I was looking for a fertiliser rig that I could comfortably lift and operate with my front wheel assist tractor. The unique design of the Excel Fertiliser Rig has provided the solution.”
Peter Schafferius, 'Lynora Downs', Rolleston Queensland.

Fertiliser Rig/Gas Rig brochure (820KB PDF)

The locally manufactured Excel Fertiliser/Gas Rig is available for purchase in various configurations.

Contact us at Excel to discuss your Fertiliser Rig/Gas Rig requirements.

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