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Excel Agriculture is Australian owned and manufacturedGyral Implements part of Excel AgricultureExcel Agriculture, Toowoomba and Bendigo, Australia
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Excel Agriculture Company Profile

Excel and Gyral have a committed team of representatives who are local people that know their area and its conditions, and have been involved with and have a passion for the farming industry.

Their local knowledge is utilized to ensure each machine is customized for the ground and environment it will be working in.

Our frontline representatives are supported by a highly qualified research, development and design team who approve each new and improved feature before production commences.

Row Crop & Broad Acre Farming

Excel Agriculture specialises in row crop and broad acre farming and prides itself in being able to provide satisfaction through using a fine balance of technology and practical experience.

Our product range has been developed over the years to meet the market’s expectations of specialised/expert diversification. Knowledge of latest practices, technology and product development is continually intertwined with the essence of Australian farming to produce high quality machinery.

Great Western Corporation

Excel Agriculture is operated by family owned business, Great Western Corporation Pty Ltd. Great Western Corporation’s core operations consist of Excel, other agricultural companies, truck dealerships as well as medium sized steel manufacturing fabrication.

Key Excel Agriculture Contacts:


 0418 730 222


 0417 233 987

Sales Representative: 

 0427 722 925 or 0427 700 779

Excel Agriculture

P: 07 4636 9100

F: 07 4636 9140

Toowoomba & Bendigo