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Broadacre Machinery » VT110 Parallelogram Tyne Unit With Double Disc

VT110 Series 3 Planter Row Unit

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Based on the CR600 row unit the VT110 operates with a double disc assembly in place of the front coulter drum. This combination provides the unit with flexibility to operate as a double disc unit or a tyne unit with very little downtime in changeover.

VT110 Parallelogram Tyne Unit can also operate as a ‘one pass’ unit by utilizing the double disc and tyne at the same time.

Excel recommends this parallelogram tyne unit for both winter and summer cropping where there is a requirement for shallow to full 8" moisture seeking ability, trash and stubble cutting ability, accurate seed placement, minimum soil throw and disturbance.

The Excel Agriculture VT110 Series 3 features:

  • 16" 4mm double disc unit.
  • Tungsten scrapers fitted to double disc.
  • Low draft tyne with pin depth adjustment.
  • 600lb spring stump jump.
  • One size HT Bearing with marine seals used throughout.
  • 1¼" Stainless Parallelogram pin on polymer bushes.
  • Variety of press wheel profiles.
  • Non greasing row unit.

Benefits of the VT110

  • Can perform as a disc or tyne unit with little downtime.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Horsepower requirements 3-9 H.P. per row unit.
  • Accurate seed placement with minimum soil throw.
  • Heavy duty construction designed to meet the demands of Australian broadacre and zero till farming practices.
  • Maximise yield potential by conserving moisture and retaining stubble cover.
  • Perfect ground following with the 1¼" parallelogram with a full 12" of travel.

VT110 Series optional equipment:

  • John Deere precision boxes 1.6 or 3 bushell.
  • Range of Diffusers including mounts.
  • Various Rubber Press profiles.
  • V closing wheels.
  • Double disc shank option.
  • Drag chains.

Contact us at Excel to discuss your Broad Acre VT110 requirements.

Excel AgricultureP: 07 4636 9100 F: 07 4636 9140 Toowoomba & Bendigo